Estate Path Formation

On Glenalmond Estate in Perthshire we were asked to carry out the formation of a new path. The path to be created to allow the land owner to walk to his fishing ponds with his guests.

The site was a clear fell site which had a steep access down to where the path was to be formed. The path was cut into the banking’s to create the formation then gravel was transported from another part of the estate to create a dry surface. The material was stock pile and then a tracked dumper used to transport the materials into the site due to the terrain. The materials were all sourced from the Estate its self so this was more economical as we did not have to import the materials onto the estate which helped financially and environmentally as there was not unnecessary transporting of material.

The path was formed to merge into the landscape and as you can see with the finished photograph it looks very natural to the area that it is situated in.

The work was carried out in early spring which meant we got good weather to complete this contract.

Colin has done a lot of path work over the 23 years in business and the estate know that Colin would carry the work out to his usual high standard.