Things are getting busy with Alister now on the Aberdeen by pass with Allison Enterprises on our JS220.

Colin and Jimmy have been at various jobs, site clearance at Scone with David Beveridge , Ditch cleaning for A Ritchie, various works at Fingask Castle and lots going on at Glenalmond Estate.

With Colin having looked at a lot of path work jobs we have now purchased a Volvo EC55c . From C S M sales Ltd.


camera pics 20-03-16 041
Father and son on a job inspection
camera pics 20-03-16 072
Volvo EC55c being deliver to its first job by RMS
camera pics 20-03-16 082
Jimmy is please to have our new purchase on site and working






Jane has also been busy in the office and  please to say that we are now working with Sibbald Training  safety support team to help us move  forward in the Health and Safety side of the business.

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